Taking Baby Steps

In our bid to turn one of our hobbies and our love of dogs into a way of earning a living, Richard and I travelled to Guildford this weekend to meet Hanna and her 9 month old Chihuahua puppy Bella.  

We went to their home where Richard took some pictures of Bella indoors, once she had got used to us being there and had a good sniff of the camera.   The light was not very good indoors, but we chose not to use a flash on such a young pup.  We therefore chose to move out into the garden, where the lighting was much better, if not a little too bright at times.  We got a few reasonable pictures in the garden, although throughout the photo-shoot the background was a bit of a problem.  Still it was all a good learning experience and hopefully Hanna will like the pictures we did get, even though we won’t be winning any photography awards just yet.

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The great Detox begins

Obviously eating more healthily was in amongst my new year resolution, but I didn’t realise just how healthily I was going to choose to make it.  Having heard them talking about sugar being the new big health problem on the local radio station, I decided that just cutting calories was not going to be sufficient.  I have got so cuddly, that sometimes I think my tummy is a separate entity to me, or is that I wish it was.

Having received and treated myself to many nice bath products at Christmas I decided that perhaps I should think about cleaning my insides too.  I have been told previously that a glass of warm water with a splash of lemon is good for the digestive system, especially in the morning.

I thought I’d give it a try last night, instead of drinking even more diet Pepsi.  No exciting results as I overdid the lemon last night, but when I repeated the exercise this morning, I definitely felt things get moving in my tummy.  It even grumbled loudly like it used to.

This spurred me on to look at eating more fruit and veg and to change my coffee, for herbal teas and my diet Pepsi and Vimto, for flavoured water.  There is also now even some fruit juice in the fridge.  I shall be making up a tub of fruit salad to be used for deserts, instead of the rice puddings I’ve had of late, in a little while.  Even the yoghurts I’ve bought have got healthier.

Well I’m going to sign off now and go and drink my blackberry and nettle tea.  I shall let you know how it’s all going soon.

A more rounded view

I originally set up this blog to start charting my journey of trying to get fitter and slimmer.  This is a part of my life that I have had problems with for a number of years now and it’s not going to be solved overnight.  I have also realised it is not the be all and end all of my existence and I now plan on sharing my other personal improvement journeys.

I would like to have more friends, but first I need to learn to be a better friend to the ones I have already.

I would like to earn more money, but first I have to improve my work ethic, my confidence, and possibly most importantly my knowledge.

I would like marriage to last for the rest of my life.  Relationships of this kind should never be taken for granted, so adequate attention to the details of our special relationship should be paid.  The one thing that I think is really key in this is communication.

Oh and yes I would still like to get fitter and slimmer.

2013 was a good year for me.  I made progress in a number of areas in my life.  I would like to see me make even greater improvements in  2014.

Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2014!




Where was my Weigh in Wednesday?

Well I have to admit that I was too ashamed to tell to you all that I had put on 2lbs, even if I did give myself a little workout that morning, with the Wii Fit U.  Wednesday was a good active day with dog training in the evening helping to keep me active for longer in the day. Unfortunately Wednesday evening we received some devastating news and I haven’t even worn my fit meter until today and sticking to the diet has been totally off the cards.  Anyhow, today I have started to feel a bit more my normal self and I have done 8028 steps and burnt 378 calories.  Hopefully I will be able to get back on track now.  I have my exam on Tuesday but it’s not until 2pm and I have no work until Wednesday now, so I may even try to fit in a couple of nerve busting exercise sessions in the next couple of days.

Ok in a previous post, I mentioned that I’m good at starting things, but not so good at finishing them.  Well at the weekend, I was getting myself all revved up to use Wii Fit U on a regular basis and Monday was going to see the start of this.  Well I realised on Monday morning, that there was something I started about 10 weeks ago, which is due to finish in a week’s time, with a 3 hour written exam.  I decided that, for this week at least, any spare time I had, should be used to revise for my Marketing Essentials exam.  After all, I have spent over £500 to try and get this qualification and it would be rather silly to squander my chances now, especially as my mock exam results were very close to the pass mark.  I shall therefore be deferring the start of my exercise program, to the start of next week, when it will be almost too late to revise and the exercise might help ease my exam nerves.  I did however still need to walk the dog and somehow my activity levels at work, seem to be increasing, as throughout the day, I did a total of 9836 steps and burnt 602 calories yesterday.  Today my fit meter has logged 4397 steps and 456 calories, but I wasn’t wearing it when I walked Jazz, this morning, so that would probably add a couple of thousand steps and around a hundred calories.  So as you can see, I’m not spending all my time sat on my bum.  Progress is being made, even if my weight is fairly static.

Lazy Sunday.

Well I didn’t post yesterday, but then I was at work all day and Saturday evenings are Strictly time at the moment.  I didn’t do any specific exercise yesterday, but I still managed to burn over 500 calories, although I’m beginning to think that might be an anomally, because my pedometer fell from waistband a fair number of times yesterday and today, when I have done an hour of walking the dog, I have only burned 319 calories by the middle of the afternoon, even though I’ve done 5704 steps today.  I did have these good intentions of using the Wii Fit U this morning for half an hour, but it turned into an hour’s gentle dog walk, as Jazz hasn’t been off the lead for a few weeks and it’s only fair that she gets a good run around.  She’s not always the best at coming back when she’s off the lead, so my husband and I tend only to let her off when we are both there.  These days though we are usually carrying chopped up cocktail sausages and like today she is much more eager to come back to us.  She was very good for us today, she even refrained from chasing a pair of deer thank goodness.  Hopefully tomorrow I will get myself back into work mode and I shall do half an hour of Wii Fit U exercises first thing in the morning.  I think there is a good chance that I will do it.

Start of the new regime?

Now it has to be said, I’m very good at starting things, but not at finishing them, apart from the food on my plate.  Anyhow recently, in the December Issue of Psychologies Magazine, I read that making your bed every day is correlated with productivity and feelings of wellbeing.  Well I’ll own up you now so we can get it out of the way and get on with the things that matter, such as getting fit, but I happen to have Bipolar Disorder and feeling bright and happy doesn’t always come easily to me and motivation seems to be a rather offensive swearword, as far as my mind is concerned.  Anyhow in the hope that it would help, I started making my bed on a daily basis.  After all it only takes a couple of minutes and can’t do any harm right.  Well absolutely right, there is something nice about going into a bedroom where the bed is made.  It’s as if someone cares, even if it is only me.  The feeling good about the condition of my bed seems to reach out to other areas of my life and work Isn’t quite so onerous first thing in the morning.  And that’s the thing I do now see more of the mornings and it’s ages since the clocks changed.  This may possibly be a lasting phenomenon and perhaps a leaving behind of my usual somewhat depressed state.  Anyhow I have digressed somewhat.

Most of us know that exercise is good for your mental health too, but when your motivation is zero it’s hard to get started, let alone make it a lasting habit.  I said yesterday I was going to try and incorporate half an hour of Wii Fit U into my day where possible.  Well this morning, as it was my day off work, after rising in a leisurely manner (it is my day off after all) I set to work on the Wii Fit U.  After each exercise you do, the Wii offers you a choice of two others to follow on with.  On some occasions both choices didn’t appeal and I went back to the main menu, but in the whole process, I tried skiing, hula dancing, boxing, Jazz dancing, yoga and a couple of strength exercises.  All in all a very pleasant mix.  The thing is though, that I did 32 Wii Fit U minutes, but with all the decision making and making sure I had the correct controls, it must have taken me a good hour.  Still I burnt 98 calories, which was great since most of the rest of the day has been spent revising for my marketing exam in a couple of weeks and has therefore been rather static.  I have managed to burn 412 calories so far today and I’ve done over 5000 steps.

The problem is will I have time to do this amount of exercise on the Wii and give the dog a decent walk before work on an average day.  I think I may have to get a bit more disciplined and get myself up that little bit earlier in the morning.  No excuses, if I want to extend my life expectancy, I need to work on this.

Starting to get serious…..

Well I believe this is day six of my blog and if you have visited before, you can see I have changed my theme.  It strikes me there are some awesome blogs out there, and mine was lacking a certain “je ne sais quoi”.  Anyway I hope you like the new theme.

Not only have I got more serious about my blog, but I’ve realised that although my goals are not unachievable, they are not going to happen without some concerted effort on my part.  It is no good replacing a couple of meals with yummy shakes and then just sitting around waiting for the weight to fall off.  No more couch potato for me I must keep active, but not just that I need to make exercise a part of my routine.  I have decided therefore to try and fit in half an hour of Wii Fit U in each day, letting it guide me in the exercises I should do.  Yesterday it had me dancing and rowing amongst other things and I burnt almost 50 calories in less than half an hour.  Today unfortunately with college to attend I didn’t manage to fit it in.  I did however do 10,225 steps and burn 690 calories so I hope you will let me off this time.

Until tomorrow….. Continue reading Starting to get serious…..

Wednesday Weigh-in No.1

Well I have realised today that I now have 360 days to lose 9 stone or 126lbs.   Breaking that down into smaller goals, that means I need to lose just under 11lbs a month or around 2.5lbs a week.  That doesn’t sound like a lot, but if I tell you that today I am the same weight I was a month ago you will realise that I have set myself quite a task.  I have been learning in my marketing course that objectives must be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound.  Well my objective is definitely specific, measurable and timebound, but is it achievable and am I being realistic.

Perhaps I have been living life as a couch potato for far too long and I need to step up my activity levels, to start knocking my body into shape.  Well I have had a Wii U pedometer for a couple of weeks now and I try to wear it every day.  It certainly seems to encourage me to get off my fat bottom more often.  Today after I weighed in on Wii Fit U I did a few simple exercises including a bit of dancing.  For the rest of the day I wore my pedometer and all in all, I burned 548 calories and walked 7721 steps which is approximately 5km. Not bad in couch potato terms.

With my marketing course persistence seems to be the key and no doubt it will be the same with my weight loss goal.  No admitting defeat at the first hurdle.  If at first you don’t succeed, try again and try harder.

A life of self improvement.